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CReSA participated in the Science Week 2014 offering open house days for students

2013 CReSA Annual Reports

The CReSA annual report from 2013 is now available. This document compiles information about the results obtained at CReSA throughout the year, what services were offered, what outreach activities were conducted, etc.

Keys to recognize the clinical signs and pathological findings of porcine circovirus type 2

Salvador Oliver-Ferrando, a PhD student from CReSA, together with Dra. Marina Sibila, researcher of the CReSA, and Dr. Joaquim Segalés, the director of the aforementioned research center, are the authors of the review article published in the Suis magazine, “Clinic signs and pathological findings, How to recognize it?

A study published in the Veterinary Patology about the immunological system of the ferrets

Beatriz Vidaña, PhD student in the CReSA, is the author of the article “Immune system cells in healthy ferrets: an immunohistochemical study”, published in Veterinary Pathology journal.

New doctoral thesis about the bovine tuberculosis in the herds

In mid-September, the PhD student of CReSA, Sintayehu Guta, read his doctoral thesis about the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis.

Campylobacter session

Next Thursday, November 7, CReSA is going to organize a session about “Campylobacter: from the farm to the table“, where the campilobacteriosi will be the focus of the discussion: its current situation and future prospects. This disease has become the most important one in the European Union and, in the last years, more than salmonelosis.

New strategies to improve tuberculosis control in goats

Dr. Bernat Pérez de Val, researcher of CReSA, read his thesis titled “New vaccines and diagnostic strategies for the control of tuberculosis. The goat model”, where he studies the efficacy of new vaccines and diagnostic reagents to fight against this infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex bacteria, which possesses high rates of mortality and morbidity worldwide.

Fernando Rodríguez is named secretary of the Spanish Society for Virology

In the last month of September, Dr. Fernando Rodríguez, investigator in CReSA since 2004, was named secretary of the SEV in substitution of the former Secretary of the SEV, Dr. Antonio Talavera. He will be part of the new SEV Directory board under the presidency of Dr. Albert Bosch.