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Researchers from IRTA-CReSA attended the Coronaviruses Course held at the Hong Kong University

Dr. Júlia Vergara-Alert is awarded a scholarship from the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole to participate in a coronavirus course at the University of Hong Kong

Researchers from IRTA-CReSA attended the annual meeting of the European ZAPI Project about zoonosis

Pigs and llamas are also susceptible to be infected by MERS-CoV

Where does MERS-CoV hide?

Coronaviruses represent a threat to humans, as evidenced during the 2002/2003 coronavirus infection of Severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS-CoV. 

Marburg, beyond a filovirus

Marburg virus causes severe hemorrhagic fever in humans, it can be considered Ebola’s cousin. The name comes from the city of Marburg an der Lahn (in Hessen, Germany) where it was first described in 1967. And it was in this city where I spent two years to conduct a post doctoral stay.