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Collaboration agreement between IRTA and CENSA: strengthening international cooperation in the Caribbean

First longitudinal study assessing the infection dynamics of PCV-3 in commercial healthy farms of Spain

Interview. Current situation of the African and Classical Swine Fever

Eliminating treatment with antibiotics in piglets increases diversity in their nasal microbial and promotes a better health

African swine fever, an epidemic that crosses Europe

Pigs and llamas are also susceptible to be infected by MERS-CoV

The researcher Virgina Aragón awarded with the best article in Suis magazine of 2018

The advisory committee of Suis has chosen the article “Haemophilus parasuis and resistance to antimicrobials” as the most relevant information of 2018. Virginia Aragón, from the Animal Health Research Center IRTA-CReSA is the author of the article published in number 152 of Suis.

Citizen campaign to avoid African swine fever

The Government of Catalonia launches an information campaign aimed at the whole society with the aim of preventing the arrival of African Swine Fever (PPA) in Catalonia and detect it as soon as possible if there is some suspicious case.