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UV radiation and SurePureTurbulator: safer food supplements for animals

Persistance of Classical Swine Fever in piglets differs according to their age

EFSA publishes the results of the HOTLINE project with the participation of IRTA-CReSA

Researchers of IRTA-CReSA visit the Wageningen University & Research

Les superfícies i els estris de cuina han d'estar netes.

Tips to avoid food poisoning at home

Who has ever had a gastroenteritis? In most cases, those responsible for this bad experience are Campylobacter and Salmonella, two zoonotic bacteria that are transmitted through the consumption of contaminated foods. In times of family encounters it is a good time to review some guidelines to avoid these cases in our homes.

Viral comments (17): Biosafety in Europe; harmonizing and leaving a Catalonian mark

The last viral emergences with impact in the mass media (Ebola, MERS – Coronavirus, Chikungunya) has been nurturing the need of a good practice in the design, use, maintenance of laboratories or facilities where it is manipulated pathogens with high riskiness and with severe consequences in case of its involuntary or malicious liberation. Therefore the importance to develop continuous training in this field.

Keys to recognize the clinical signs and pathological findings of porcine circovirus type 2

Salvador Oliver-Ferrando, a PhD student from CReSA, together with Dra. Marina Sibila, researcher of the CReSA, and Dr. Joaquim Segalés, the director of the aforementioned research center, are the authors of the review article published in the Suis magazine, “Clinic signs and pathological findings, How to recognize it?

Viral comments (13): Ebola, deadly virus but also touchable

It has been wrote, it is been writing and it will be written in the future about the Ebola Virus and its epidemic outbreak that it has take place in this exact moment that I’m writing this out of control lines, which it is especially affecting some East Africa countries. Although it has been approach its transmission method, little has been speak about the primary barriers and its disinfection and inactivation treatments.