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The african swine fever research of IRTA-CReSA, on the main Catalan TV

TV talks about the Border Virus Disease of the Pyrenean chamois

The Virology Congress on the Spanish radio program “Entre probetas”

The congress of virology in the TV of Barcelona

IRTA-CReSA on TVE24h: The power propper communication

A few weeks ago the LAB24 program of TVE24h contacted with us, it is probably the only program of the Spanish national Television dedicated exclusively to Scientific Divulgation.

Zika, tiger mosquito and CReSA at the tv

Zika is a virus that crosses borders and generates a global alert especially for the numerous cases of microcephaly. The Quèquicom program dedicates this chapter to this disease and its relationship with mosquitoes and people.

CReSA on the radio

This summer, current issues in animal health have been listened on the radio. Topics discussed are the risk of entrance of foot-and mouth disease and avian influenza in our country, and the characteristics of the high biological unit of CReSA.

What is animal health and its use?