IRTA-CReSA assists the International Symposium for Classical Swine Fever

From 23-26th October, the International Symposium for Classical Swine Fever (CSF), organized by the China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control, was held in Beijing with the participation of Dr. Llilianne Ganges from IRTA-CReSA.  

The main theme of the symposium was “Global Goal-elimination and eradication for CSF”. The premier aim of this conference was the presentation and exchange of the latest developments and practical technical approach in the field of CSF. The meeting also arranged sections for exchanging key technologies and strategies for African swine fever (ASF) prevention and control, considering the outbreak of this disease in 30 provinces and autonomous regions of China.

Joint prevention and control of both classical swine fever and African swine fever can have a positive impact on the pig industry worldwide. Thus, the symposium promoted the exchange, and cooperation of global CSF and ASF prevention, control and eradication.

Prominent experts and scholars from several research institutions over the world, including OIE reference laboratories for CSF, were invited by the conference as the keynote speakers. Dr. Llilianne Ganges, OIE expert for classical swine fever from IRTA-CReSA, gave a talk about the latest developments on the pathogenesis and its application for the diagnosis and control of the classical swine fever, highlighting the most recent studies from IRTA-CReSA.

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