Promoting the scientific collaboration of CReSA with China and Sweden

Last Monday, the 23rd of September of 2013, Dr Jorge Moreno López, full professor from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Dr. Hu Shan, Dean of the Qingdao Agriculture University (QAU) from China, visited the facilities of CReSA.

The objective of the visit was to promote the scientific collaboration between the three countries. Dr Fernando Rodríguez, researcher of CReSA, coordinated this visit, since he was invited last summer (August 12-14, 2013) to participate with a talk about African swine fever in the First chinese-swedish conference on animal health and food safety. This conference took place in Qingdao (China) and was hosted by Dr Shan and Dr Moreno. After a general overview of CReSA and the CReSA activities, presented by Dr Rodríguez, Dr Jorge Moreno presented the Linnaeus-Palme Exchange Program, including the Swedish-Chinese experience within this program that he coordinates, and the potential for future scientific collaborations was discussed. Dr. Hu Shan presented the Qingdao University of Agriculture and their research interests on animal health. The meeting continued with a round of brief presentations by twelve scientists of CReSA about the research lines currently going on in the center. The session finished with an open discussion about the potential formulas of collaboration that could be established in the near future; including human exchange programs and know-how transfer. Finally, the visitors were guided inside the level 3 biocontainment unit by Dr Francesc Xavier Abad, laboratory manager of CReSA to witness the operational activities of a facility of unique characteristics in Catalonia.

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Dr. Fernando Rodríguez González
Researcher of CReSA
Phone: +34 93 581 45 62
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Edifici CReSA. UAB Campus 08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona) Spain

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From left to right: Dr Hu Shan (QAU), Dr Jorge Moreno López (SLU), Dr Fernando Rodríguez (CReSA) and Dr Maria Montoya (CReSA).


From left to right: Dr Jorge Moreno López (SLU), Dr Fernando Rodríguez (CReSA), Dr Francesc Xavier Abad (CReSA), Dr. Hu Shan (QAU), and Dr Elisabet Rodríguez (CReSA).

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