IRTA-CReSA on TVE24h: The power propper communication

A few weeks ago the LAB24 program of TVE24h contacted with us, it is probably the only program of the Spanish national Television dedicated exclusively to Scientific Divulgation.

They explained to me that their program was doing a series of reports on Singular Scientific-technical Infrastructures (ICTS) of the country and that they had come across our center.

I am a newbie in this direction and of course, I put on the table a thousand and one issues and different protagonists to discuss … until they calmed me down …

It was about showing in 15 minutes the uniqueness of our facilities and our research. The fruit of a day’s work in our facilities and a cameo before the cameras on the set has left a small video (in Spanish)  that we can now share.


If you consider it worthy of being disseminated, our team will thank you. Needless to say, research is lacking in investment and political interest. Maybe we can contribute a little to improve this image by communicating better. As an example, I am sure that many in our own institution will not know that the biosafety facilities of IRTA-CReSA, together with those of CISA-INIA, form a binodal ICTS that forms the Network of High Biological Security Laboratories in the country (RLASB). Nor will they know that we are the Reference Center of the World Organization for Animal Health for Classical Swine Fever (CSF) and Collaboration for emerging swine viruses, or many other things that we do …, like each of the other IRTA centers and programs do.

What if much of the blame for this ignorance is from the researchers and research centers ourselves? What if much of the problem is that us, researchers, do not communicate well?

If after seeing this little video that we present here, you understand much better what we do here and its importance, this conclusion will be confirmed.

I must admit that this reflection, which has already been done by thousands of colleagues before, I owe it to my mother, who after watching the video called me on the phone to say: Son, I finally know what you do!

Thanks a lot LAB24! займ онлайн на карту без отказа срочнозайм онлайн без паспортазайм переводом contact без отказов

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Cap del Programa de Sanitat Animal. IRTA-CReSA.