Members of PIGSs project meet in Sitges

From May 15th to 17th, the general meeting of the PIGSs project (Grant Agreement 727966 – PIGSs: Program for Global innovative Prevention of Streptococcus suis) was held in Sitges.

More than 35 participants from 9 academic institutions and 4 companies were present at the scientific consortium PIGSs and at the general assembly meeting. During three days of presentations and debates, new collaborations were established and the existing ones were reinforced, as well as discussing the latest science and technology and the progress of the project.

IRTA-CReSA leads two work packages within the projecte PIGS, led by researchers Virginia Aragón and Jordi Casal. It is a project that is dedicated to the control of the infection by Streptococcus suis from a global perspective of the pathogen, the epidemiology of the disease and the interaction with the host microbiota and the immune system.

Group photo of the PIGSs consortium. Photo:

Group photo of the PIGSs consortium. Photo:

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