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EBSA Conference, the diverse world of biosafety

This week, from April 27th to 28th, the Twentieth EBSA conference, the European Biosafety Association, will take place in Madrid. 

Viral comments (33): Waste management: A case of infection by waste handling

Following a story recently published  in El País about an occupational infection perhaps it is worth talking about the waste management process in a research centres like ours, and some derivatives.

Viral comments (27): Crimean-Congo, the wave passed… for now.

The interest of society towards certain subjects fluctuates up and down, until the matter eventually leaves the scene. Even though Crimean-Congo news no longer appear on newspapers we will write a second post, and maybe last, for now,  dedicated to this virus. A few ideas will be reviewed regarding the epidemiology, the potential distribution of the Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV onwards) in Spain and Catalonia, also about its pathogenesis and how it affects our health systems. A patchwork-post, if you like, not one with a linear style but brushstrokes to outline the global painting…or al least to give a quick hand of paint to the wall.

Viral comments (20): CReSA is an ICTS? And what is an ICTS?

Science can be done with a few resources but good ideas, better questions and a lot of brains. But much of modern science requires big infrastructures … and a lots of brains to use them.

Marburg, beyond a filovirus

Marburg virus causes severe hemorrhagic fever in humans, it can be considered Ebola’s cousin. The name comes from the city of Marburg an der Lahn (in Hessen, Germany) where it was first described in 1967. And it was in this city where I spent two years to conduct a post doctoral stay.

Professionals with biosecurity training: At least a reality in Spain!

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) has made possible the 1st Postgraduate course of Biosecurity Strategies and Biological Containment in Spain. It is known for many years that the biosecurity world needed a regulated training.

Virulent comments (3): AEBioS. Do we associate in order to deal with biosecurity issues?

In March2011, anew association of professionals was set in motion inSpain. We are talking about the Asociación Española de BioSeguridad (AEBioS, by its acronym in Spanish).