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African swine fever, frequently asked questions

What is the current status of the African Swine Fever virus? What is the resistance of the virus? What are its transmission routes? And the forms of infection? What can we do to prevent it? Dr. Llilianne Ganges, IRTA-CReSA researcher and OIE expert on Classical Swine Fever virus answers these questions.

African swine fever in Belgium. Don’t panic!

Today we had dinner over the sad news of the first case declared of African Swine fever in the South of Belgium. Just a few hours ago we learned that the virus causing this disease, the African Swine Fever virus (ASFv), had been diagnosed in two wild boars. In the absence of new data, everything is speculation. The most plausible explanations for the origin of these infections would be the direct infection of these animals by products contaminated with the virus from infected areas (“again the man is to blame”). Any other explanation would open rather uncomfortable questions to answer.

Will the smallest RNA molecule become the secret weapon to defeat the African swine fever virus?

A work carried out at IRTA-CReSA has allowed to identify different expression patterns of porcine microRNAs in an African swine fever virus (ASFV) experimental infection in pigs. The results not only increase our knowledge of the virus-host interaction but identify possible targets for the control of this important disease for which, at the moment, there is no vaccine in the market.

A significant step forward in the fight against african swine fever

New guidelines for the pathological assessment of African swine fever infections