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Interview. Current situation of the African and Classical Swine Fever

4th Call for TRANSVAC2 Training Modules

Researchers of IRTA-CReSA visit the Wageningen University & Research

SYMPOSIUM: Generic risk assessment for introduction of animal diseases

New Open Acces call of RLASB

The Red de Laboratorios de Alta Seguridad Biológica (RLASB) (Hight Biosecurity Laboratories Network) launches a new Open access call.

Recognition of Industrial Doctorates of the projects awarded in 2015

African swine fever, an epidemic that crosses Europe

Liebre ibérica. Juan Lacruz CC-BY

IRTA coordinates the group ‘MIXOlepus’ to face mixomatosis in the hare

Myxomatosis is a disease that mainly affected rabbits, but recent outbreaks have been detected in the Iberian hare for the first time. The working group ‘MIXOlepus’, coordinated by the researcher of the Animal Health Program of IRTA Ignacio Badiola and from the sub-program of endemic diseases, will study the disease with the aim of developing a vaccine.