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Bovine tuberculosis: Challenges and controversies (II). Biological and non-biological context

Bovine tuberculosis: Challenges and controversies (I). A shared disease

Foot-and-mouth disease, a disease that may come back any day

Those of you of a certain age and more or less interested in animal health will remember that in 2001 there was a major outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in England that had a large media coverage. Those  even older might even remember it as a disease  that affected cattle almost every year in Catalonia.

New doctoral thesis about the bovine tuberculosis in the herds

In mid-September, the PhD student of CReSA, Sintayehu Guta, read his doctoral thesis about the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis.

Can dog and rabbits go mad as cows do?

When the “mad cow” crisis started the researchers studying these diseases found that prions, the agents which caused it, could affect not only cows but also people. Field cases were discovered of cats and goats infected with “mad cow” disease. In addition, experiments were conducted that showed that species such as sheep or laboratory animals such as mice, could also be infected.